Atlantean Healing – 90 min


I am also a qualified Atlantean Healing Practitioner. Atlantean Healing is a fast growing energy healing modality that has been given to humanity at this time of great changes. This high vibrating energy has been used in the healing temples of Atlantis by high priests and priestesses. The healing sessions are designed to balance the energy field, as Atlanteans believed that dis-ease was a manifestation of imbalance in the energy field. The energy is very high and powerful, yet it feels gentle and uplifting when channelling or receiving it.


I am also a qualified Atlantean Healing Practitioner. Atlantean Healing is a powerful, high vibrational healing modality which was once used in the healing temples of Atlantis by the many healing priests and priestesses. This healing modality has been brought back to us now during this era of great change and transformation. Atlantean Healing is a combination of ancient techniques from the Atlantean temples and some new ones specifically for our modern challenges. Atlantean Healing is a hands-on healing technique without touching the body. Although the energy used is very high vibrational and powerful, it is non-invasive and gentle. The healing is channelled through the Auric field where I connect with the healing gifts I had during my time in Atlantis, with guidance and support from the Atlantean Angels and other high vibrational beings of pure light, who assist with the healing and application of the energy required. Atlantean Healing works on many different levels: the Chakras, the Aura, the Elements and the Soul on a physical level. It gently balances the energy field as Atlanteans believed that dis-ease was the result of imbalanced energy. The healing is intuitive and carried out for the highest good and bespoke or each individual. Atlantean Healing can be experienced as distant healing. Each healing session can last between 1 hour to 90 minutes including feedback, depending on individual needs. The Atlantean Healing continues to work for several days.

Please note these therapies are for over 18s only and entertainment use only.


Atlantean Healing Benefits

*Clear and remove old energy cords and fears from this life or past lives

  • Aids connection to your DNA enabling karmic residue release and replacing with your Divine blueprint
  • Clear and replenish energies that are preventing you progressing in life
  • Cleanses and balances your 12 Chakra system
  • Balances your four elements, fire, water, earth and air
  • Replacing the Golden Light of Atlantis and the wonderful elements of the Atlantean priests and priestesses
  • Aids the opening of your Heart Chakra to enable the 5th Dimentional energy of love, contentment, harmony and peace
  • Deep relaxation
  • Aids the development of intuition



Who first discovered Atlantean Healing in modern times?

Since the energy change of 2012 Medium and Angel Therapist Birkan Tore channelled the attunements for us to start to use this healing technique again.

How long have I been practising Atlantean Healing?

Since June 2019. I was already a Usui and Tibetan Reiki Master, Crystal Healing Practitioner and Gold Certified Oracle Card reader. I have found that this healing technique uses all of the skills I have learnt combined. It’s amazing and I love it!

How long does a healing session take?

A full session can last 60/90 minutes. This includes the consultation, healing being given and feedback on the treatment and a one card Oracle Card reading to support you further. At present these sessions are carried out as distant healing, you can actually watch the healing being carried out via a video link and where 1:1 feedback is given if you wish. Video calls can be arranged via Zoom/Skype/Messenger Video or if you prefer information can be relayed via email.

Please note these therapies are for over 18s only and entertainment use only.