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Choose from a selection of treatments and therapies. I have tried to give you a good insight into each treatment and therapy so you and decide with one or combination is right for you. You can find this in our services page and by clicking through to the product pages below.

However if you have any questions at all or would like advice on which would be most beneficial for you, please get in touch and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note these therapies are for over 18s only and entertainment use only.


  • Complete Package   —   4hrs £110
  • Oracle Card Reading   —   30mins £20, 1hr £35
  • Atlantean Healing   —   1hr £40, 90mins £55
  • Crystal Healing   —   1hr £40, 90mins £55

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I am a qualified Oracle Card Reader, Usui Reiki Practitioner, Crystal and Atlantean Healing Practitioner. I have been guided to put all of these wonderful healing modalities together as one to offer you an amazing, bespoke healing treatment. I work with beautiful crystals, Atlantean healers, Priests and Priestesses, Angels, Ascended Masters, Guides and Galactic healers to bring a beautiful treatment just for you. During this session I am able to see and work on any past lives that are affecting your current life, send healing down your ancestral lines and your DNA as well as cleanse, clear and balance your chakra system. The session is completed with a one card Oracle Card reading which will provide you with an affirmation to help with your daily life. 

Please get in touch if you have any questions, I would love to hear from you. Angel blessings, light and love, Donna x


Email Donna at: divinelightoracle615@gmail.com


What They Say

Donna’s reading was filled with light, encouragement and the warmth and love of the Angels. My question was, “How can I bring greater healing into my life?” and the messages Donna shared with me brought me hope and reassurance. Donna saw that for me, the power to heal is within and that I will receive information and inspiration to light my way. Indeed, I have been receiving flashes of inspiration about steps to take. Donna also saw a healing, angelic connection in the love I share with my family. The outcome Donna saw was “life review” where what no longer serves falls away, giving me room to breathe. It’s a tangible feeling of relief and freedom, and I can’t wait to experience it.DN

I had an Atlantean Healing session with Divine Light Oracle and can I say…WOW! This was my first experience with any sort of energy work, Reiki, or the like. I didn’t know how it was going to work from a distance, but I went for it anyway! During the time Donna was working, I could literally feel different areas of my body having different sensations! So when we talked after, she went through the areas she had been to and worked on specifically and they were the areas I had felt!! The things she told me were absolutely amazing and tied not only into my ancestry, but also with areas of my life I felt connected to, held back by, or excited for! Not to mention her Spirit Team is so fascinating! This was the neatest experience I have had to date! Thank you, Donna, for your time in helping me heal in order to continue on my Spiritual Journey as intended. You are a beautiful and powerful soul! Highly recommended to everyone!!TB

I was lucky enough to connect with Donna Lowery and she did a remote reading for me. Donna is really welcoming and friendly and helped me to formulate the right question for my reading based on my current circumstances. The reading was in-depth and really hopeful. Many of the cards reminded me of what steps I need to take to move forward. I found it really empowering and encouraging. Thank you, Donna!EW

I have just received a beautiful and insightful 6 month ahead reading with the talented and lovely Donna Lowery. She made some very accurate and meaningful references in my reading. She offered sound advice and hopeful insights into the months ahead this year. Thank you Donna, for the wonderful reading. I’m really looking forward to seeing things unfold especially with the help of my unicorn guide.TM


“I had an awesome 6-month card reading with Donna Lowery. Her spirit and energy came through on our Skype call. I enjoyed how she held space for me to share what jumped out to me and guided me to the message. Her insight was detailed and encouraging. I especially appreciated her sharing some possible strategies to deal with some more difficult energies in my path at the present moment. I highly recommend Donna!KS


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