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Archangels & Guardian Angels

I work with Archangels as well as Guardian Angels. Archangels can help anyone anywhere at the same time. They have no time constraints. Each Archangel has their own specialism and are there for you whenever you ask immediately.

Guardian angels are different. Each person has their very own individual Guardian Angel. Mine is called Neya. She has been with me since I was conceived and will remain by my side until the end of my life. She is here to remind me of what it is I came here to experience. 

Angels are neither male or female, however they will present themselves to us as either a male or female energy. They are energy, their colours are vibrations, but will appear to each of us in a way that is easiest for us to accept such as concentric bands of colour, I see human forms surrounded with different coloured light. Sometimes I just feel the energy.  

My first experience of angels was when I was very young. My childhood was turbulent both in day to day life, and with physical pain from my joints. I noticed the angels mainly at nighttime when all was still and quiet. I didn’t know who they were, just that there was a gentle, soothing feeling that would wash over me. I would often ‘dream’ that I was riding a beautiful white unicorn (I now know is my spirit animal Orion) alongside an angel. It was wonderful, pain free and no worries. I didn’t want to wake up in the morning, I wanted to stay with them. I also began reading playing cards. I would ask a question, turn over a card and somehow know the answer. I stopped doing this when I was 11 years old. I frightened myself, what if I see something I don’t want to know? 

Love is the greatest power of all

Angels only give positive, loving guidance. Love is the greatest power of all. I put the angels, spirit, cards to the back of my mind to fit in with family and peers until recent years. Friends at work invited me to join them in a Reiki class. I had no idea what it was, but curiosity got the better of me. This was the start of my adult reintroduction to angels, suddenly everything clicked in to place. I qualified as a Reiki practitioner and during treatments I noticed angels would step forward and help healing my clients. They would tell me their name and I could see and feel their colourful energies envelope each client. Often when treatment was finished clients would open their eyes and say “How did you hold my hand, touch my head and feet at the same time… it was really warm and wonderful. 

All angels regardless of whether they are Archangels or Guardian angels cannot interfere with our free will unless we ask them to help and guide us. You have your own Guardian Angel, ask them to show them self in a way that is ok for you, maybe a feather, a song on the radio or a touch of your hand. Try it!

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